CA Design Studio was started in started in 2020 to offer affordable web design Adelaide. We have provided number of companies in Adelaide including many startup companies and small to medium scale enterprises with our value adding services. We have a dedicated team of user interface ( UI ) designers and web designers in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our website designers are equipped with cutting edge industry skills to help you to be successful with our affordable website design services. Following sections will outline some of the technologies and tools we use to deliver our services

1) Applications and Tools used by our website designers ;

1.1) Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop, the graphic related software application is used by both our graphic and web designers mainly to create user interfaces, Photoshop design mockups and in order to create sliders with nice designs. Also we will use Photoshop to create artwork for social media pages to promote your website done by our website designers in Adelaide.

1.2)Adobe Illustrator – Some may be wondering what we are going to do with Illustrator as it is more a print media designing application and why we are using it when Photoshop has much better features for a graphic designer or a web designer working on virtual designs existing in computers and in the internet. Well, we use illustrator for smooth sketching and creation of characters where necessary.

1.3) Adobe Dreamweaver – Our website designers in Adelaide uses Dreamweaver as one of our main tools to create basic websites and to create/ edit files in content management system driven website design by CA Design Studio.

1.4) Netbeans – Mainly it is our web designers who also work on php and mysql driven major systems that tend to use this application as it has much better features in achieving he website design and development goal.

1.5) XAMPP – We use xampp to create a local host environment and make use of the mysql database system available in it which is needed for website that requires a database for storing and retrieving data.

1.6) WAMPP – Same as XAMPP but some of our web designers prefer this rather than using XAMPP as some feels WAMPP is much easier to use than WAMPP !

1.7) Google Web designer – We are currently using it for html5 canvas based designing as it has extra control over the models that we are going to be drawing. Still we are not using it for major projects but kind of in testing stage by us as well.

1.8) Notepad – Yes as simple as it may sound we use this when editing html or php pages when we need to quickly do them as it doesn’t take much time in loading and saving the data.

2) Programming languages used by us and website developers in Adelaide ;

2.1) HTML – We use both html4 and html5 with latest trends for website design and development

2.2) CSS – Here also we use both css2 and css3 for creating eye catchy web interfaces. Also we make sure the website designs are not cluttered and look non user friendly (remember, a visitor comes to a get a service from your website and he is not interested about the creativity of your website unless it is a web designer or a web developer who comes to your website to get an idea from your website design !.So make sure the site is neat and easy to navigate for any person at any age… )

2.3) JQUERY – We use jquery to make more effective and user friendly websites as we are able to save lot of space and time with the use of JQUERY.

2.4) PHP – We use php server driven language to create systems where we need to store and retrieve data where necessary. We use MVC model programming in most cases to make the coding better and simple.

2.5) MYSQL – We use mysql database to create database driven applications. Here we will use php to work on the coding area.

2.6) Perl Scripting – We use perl scripting fr certain website projects where above other scripting language doesn`t work.
Hope this would be helpful for you to get an idea of how what technologies we use. Get in touch with us for your next project where our graphic designers and website designers adelaide could help you. For more information go to affordable website design services from Adelaide section to read further more about our website design services.